Nightlife in Prague: Sample the best drinks the capital has to offer!

If you’ve stumbled upon this article while looking for historical points of interest worth seeing in the Czech capital, keep browsing. This guide is for those, who are after a different experience – one of the connoisseur kind. Prague is famous for its nightlife and extraordinary alcohol, and if you’re a first time visitor, you might be confused by the sheer number of various bars and pubs. Don’t worry, we’re here to offer you a list of places that you simply can’t go wrong with!

Nothing beats local beer

If you haven’t lived under the rock, you know that Czech Republic is the Mecca of the so-called „liquid bread“. From world-famous brands to small craft breweries, you can get pretty much anything here, and in some places, a pint is cheaper than water. Beer is served in every bar or pub in Prague, but if you’re looking for something truly extraordinary, don’t miss the following spots:

  • The non-brewery affiliated Prague Beer Museum offers over 30 beers on tap at any one time – and you can get 150ml beer testers of all these at once! Just a hop away from Charles Bridge, this place is well worth a visit for a wide variety of regular beers and a few „crazy“ ones. Plus, you’ll get to taste real Czech kitchen.
  • Looking for the perfect spot for a snack and craft beer? Look no further. Situated in Old Prague, the beer garden U Kunštátů offers a wide selection of fair priced and delicious beers. They typically have over 100 local beers to sample, delivered to your table by friendly staff.

What’s a summer without cocktails?

This may come a little unexpected, but it’s definitely true: when it comes to drinks, cocktails are Prague’s hidden gem. In fact, the city can easily compete with much bigger capitals, such as London or Sydney. The level of mixology will amaze you, and that’s not the only pleasant surprise you’ll get to enjoy. Prague cocktails bars have delightful ambience and the prices aren’t too high.

  • Stylish and sophisticated, that’s Hangar Music & Dance Club. The moment you step in the door, you will be transported back in time to the golden age of aviation, when Hollywood stars flew the luxurious PAN AM airline. In a unique atmosphere, you’ll enjoy top-class drink served by genteelly dressed staff. As a bonus, this two-storey bar boasts its own restaurant and a dance floor, where you can party till the wee morning hours.
  • For a nice summery vibe, head to the popular Aloha Cocktail Bar in the heart of Prague. The interior design and overall ambience will remind you of the Tiki bars from the middle of the last century; the music and playful cocktails will help make you feel as though you were enjoying a vacation in sunny Hawaii. Well-established drinks as well as original mixtures often feature tropical fruit, sour lemons, almonds and walnuts.

Absinthe with rich history

It’s not so long ago that „real“ Absinthe was prohibited in the USA, and for many Americans, sampling this famous drink was the main reason to visit Prague. Whether you prefer to drink it French-style, suffused with water, or mixed with a molten sugar cube, the heart of Prague will deliver.

  • The French nicknamed Absinthe the „Green Fairy“, but we think that the Green Devil’s Absinth Bar & Shop has it more correct. Succumb to the Devil’s temptations in this classy bar and you’ll never regret. Professional staff will present you with different types of Absinthe and methods of preparation, which you’ll enjoy in a very refined atmosphere.
  • The world-famous writer Hemingway may have been known for liking Cuban rum, but Absinthe also belonged to his favorites. You’ll find a great selection of this special drink in the Hemingway Bar, a 5-star establishment that gets so busy you’ll have a hard time getting in without a reservation. The ambience, as well as aesthetically beautiful and delicious drinks here are simply unparalleled!